Wendy's Nutrition Menu

High quality for Wendy's nutrition items was important to Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy's restaurants. The first Wendy's old fashioned hamburger restaurant was opened in 1969. It has grown fast and acquired other food chains.

The menu of Wendy's restaurants includes:

Frescata Sandwiches
1. Frescata Club sandwich has turkey and ham stacked on freshly baked bread, topped with 2 bacon strips, lettuce, tomato and mayo. The sandwich provides about 440 calories.
2. The Black Forest Ham & Swiss sandwich consists of thin slices of ham, Swiss cheese, honey mustard sauce, lettuce and tomato stacked on freshly baked artisan bread. The sandwich provides about 470 calories.
3. The Roasted Turkey & Swiss, Roasted Turkey & Basil Presto and Frescata Italiana sandwiches have about 470-510 calories.

Wendy's Old Fashioned Combos are Frescata sandwiches with a small fries and drink. They have about 1000-1100 calories.

Wendy's Old fashioned Hamburgers are prepared in about 14 different ways. The Classic Single has about 420 calories, the 1/4 lb Bacon Cheddar Double Melt has about 490 calories and the Classic Double with Cheese has about 700 calories.

Chicken and Fish sandwiches are prepared in various ways. Chicken sandwiches have about 370-480 calories. The fish sandwich has about 480 calories.

Garden Salads are available in 4 different combinations: Mandarin Chicken, Chicken Caesar, Southwest Taco and Chicken BLT. The chicken salads have about 550 calories, while the Southwest Taco salad has about 710 calories.

Baked Potatoes topped with sour cream and chives have about 320 calories. The bacon and cheese baked potato has about 455 calories.

There are also various side dishes and kid meals available. Wendy's nutrition items can be prepared with side dishes like potato chips and chili.

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