Lose Weight with an
Exercise Rowing Machine

The exercise rowing machine provides an excellent exercise for losing weight. It provides a total body workout. It is important to use the proper rowing technique. The rowing stroke should copy the smooth and continuous motion of rowing in the water.

A rowing machine provides an aerobic workout for both the upper and lower body by utilizing most leg, arm and back muscles. The machine should be placed on a level surface and in an area that has room for the full rowing motion.

Look for the following features:

  • Sturdy construction.
  • Firm, but comfortable seats. You can buy special softer seat cushions for some machines. Do not make your own seat cushions, as they might not be safe.
  • Seats should move easily back and forward.
  • Easy to adjust resistance levels. Low resistance levels are for aerobic workouts, if you want to build and tone muscles, just increase the resistance level.
  • Optional are monitors for distance, calories burned and heart rate.
  • Price range is about $200-900+.

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