Exercise Clothing

Proper exercise clothing will make you look good and will make your workout more comfortable. Good fitting fashionable clothing that you wear during exercising will make you feel better. If you exercise outdoors, looking good, will give you a special incentive to exercise.

Many online stores carry quality clothes in many styles, sizes and prices. Whether you use exercise machines, do walking or yoga exercises, you will find proper clothing. What you wear for a home workout, outside walking or jogging can effect your routine.

Consider the following when looking for workout clothes:

  • Look for fabric that is polyester combined with cotton. These clothes look good and allow for good movement.
  • Fleece is soft and lightweight, provides good insulation and can be water resistant.
  • Soft cotton socks protect you from friction and provide cushioning.
  • Avoid rubberized or plastic clothes that cause sweating and can cause dehydration and muscle cramps.

Running apparel is available for every weather condition. Running can be done anytime of the year. Safe and comfortable clothing is available at reasonable prices.

Basic apparel should include running shorts, short sleeve and long sleeve shirts. For cold weather you might need a pair of pants or tights, a lightweight, windproof jacket, gloves and a hat. Women should wear a comfortable sports bra.

For night time or early morning running, it is recommended to get reflective wear. A reflective vest costs about $15-20. A night jacket, consisting of bright, reflective material, resistant to water and wind costs about $60-80.

During the last 10-15 years a great variety of running pants with advanced technology, a wide choice of fabrics and styles have come to the market.

Features like wind resistance, water resistance and breathability of material have become important.

Material is usually lightweight for mild weather. Pants made of cotton are not suited for running, because moisture from sweating or rain makes them heavy.

When looking for pants, consider the following conditions and features:

  • Weather condition
  • Material that is windproof and water repellent
  • A drawstring waist is very convenient
  • Reflective patches for safety
  • Pockets to hold keys, etc.

Running tights are currently one of the favorite leg coverings for women and men. Many styles in various fabrics and colors are available. Tights with the right material are available for running in the fall, winter and spring.

Tights are lightweight and keep your body warm. They provide good insulation and are excellent for cold weather.

They should have a good stretch fit, an elastic waistband and elastic cuffs. Ankle zippers make it easier to put on and take off the pants.

Big improvements in fabrics have been made for running shorts. Most apparel for running shorts is lightweight and comfortable.

A popular fabric for shorts is Supplex nylon, which is a soft, lightweight and wind resistant material. Another widely used material is Coolmax, which is a polyester type fabric. Coolmax is lightweight, soft and has the ability to keep moisture away from the skin.

Winter running pants allow you to run outdoors during the winter. Most of the time you can just wear a pair of tights or running pants made of material such as Coolmax, Thermax or Coldgear. If it gets really cold, you could wear an additional wind proof pant.

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