Bowflex Treadclimber
Review for current Models

This Bowflex treadclimber review looks at the various models available. The treadclimber machines offer many benefits:
1. They combine aerobic features of the stair climber, treadmill and elliptical trainer.
2. They offer a low impact workout without putting stress on your joints.
3. You lose more weight and lose it faster.

Exercise with the treadclimber will help you look and feel better.

The Bowflex TC5 costs about $1000-1200. It is the lowest price machine that Bowflex offers. It has a very compact design that should fit in any home. There are no cords or plugs, all you do is walk and the unit's console starts to work. This makes it a quiet operation. The LCD display shows 4 electronic functions: speed, distance, time and calories.

The Bowflex TC10 costs about $2200-2600. It features an easy to read display that shows time, speed, distance and calories burned. All you have to do is set the speed and go. It stores and tracks one user. You get an efficient, low impact workout with this compact machine.

The Bowflex TC20 helps you burn calories in less time. According to the Bowflex website, the treadclimber machine burns up to 2 times more calories in 30 minutes than a treadmill at the same speed. Price is about $3300-4000.

This machine keeps statistics for two users. It features the G.O.Coach (Goal Oriented) technology. This is a program that interacts with the user to establish goals, monitor progress and compare results. The program provides customized programming for two users.

The fully backlit LCD screen shows, speed, time, distance and calories burned. The machine has a compact design that should fit in any room.

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