Choose Exercise Equipment
that is best for you

A great variety of exercise equipment is available that can help achieve your exercise goals. When looking for home fitness equipment, you should consider some of the points below.

What is your Goal? What are you trying to accomplish? Are you looking for aerobic exercise, to build body strength, to perform cardio or abdominal exercises?

Is the equipment comfortable? Is the seat comfortable for a longer period, are the bars padded and are the controls easy to use?

What is your budget? There is a wide price range for equipment. Decide what is suitable for you and what options are best for you.

Instead of buying a complete home gym, you can use free weights, a weight bench, adjustable dumbbells and jump ropes. You could start out with dumbbells and add on as you go along.

There are many exercises that you can do with free weights. You don't need a big, expensive machine. The advantage with free weights is that the exercises can be done anywhere.

If you use free weights, it is advisable to get some exercise instructions to prevent injuries. An exercise book or video would be very helpful.

Exercise machines can be an efficient way to get a workout. Most machines in gyms have diagrams or digital readouts to help you choose the correct level of exercise.

Machines don't provide much variation. They can get boring and you can lose motivation to continue the workout program. Exercise bikes, treadmills and ellipticals have built in workout programs that allow you to vary your exercise routines.

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