Walking Shoes
should provide good Support

Athletic shoes are available for different activities. For walking, it is best to get walking shoes.

These shoes should fit snugly around your arch and have good heel support. The front should be wide enough to allow room for the toes.

If you have a wide foot, look for a wide width to make sure your toes are not squeezed in. Also, consider that you might be wearing thick socks and you most likely will need an extra half size. For winter or wet conditions, get shoes with good traction.

You have flat feet, if the arch is fully flat or rolls inward. If you have flat feet, you are considered an overpronator. This can lead to foot and lower body joint problems. Shoes with arch support, stability and motion control should be comfortable for these people.

Shoes for walking on concrete provide good cushioning and comfort. Some brands have special cushioning designs, which allow you to be comfortable on your feet all day.

Shoes should last about 300-500 miles. Even if the shoes still look good on the outside, the inside might be worn and does not provide proper support. Price range is about $50 to over $100.

Walking shoes are an important product. Generally, it is best to select a pair from top rated walking shoes. Look for the following features:
1. Cushioned shoes are very flexible. They have soft insoles, but usually not much support.
2. Motion control shoes are designed to be inflexible to limit overpronation. They are generally heavy and durable.
3. Stability shoes provide good support and are durable.

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