Good Child Health will help the
Child grow up happy and healthy

Some of the ingredients for good child health are sleep, nutrition, exercise and family support. They are necessary for the child to grow up happy and healthy.

Children should be active. Experts suggest at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Kids get exercise when riding a bike, playing soccer or just walking. Playing outside is a good activity and it is fun. Parents can exercise with the kids together. Taking a swim with the whole family is a great way to have fun and to get exercise.

These are some of the benefits of exercise:

1. It makes muscles stronger. Climbing and swinging on equipment at the playground can build muscle strength. Other activities to build muscles are skating, running, bike riding and push ups.

2. It will make children more flexible. Things like tumbling, yoga, martial arts and dancing are good for flexibility.

3. Eating well and exercise are important to your child's development. Being overweight can also result in low self esteem.

4. Exercise will make the children feel good. A strong and flexible child can participate in many activities and sports.

Eating well is important for the child's development. Eating too much and not the right food can lead to overweight and health problems. Parents can set an example by eating a variety of food that is low in fat and sugar. Food should include fruits and vegetables.

Sodas and fruit drinks usually have high fat and sugar content. Give your child water or skim milk and limit fruit drinks to about one cup a day.

There are excellent books available. For example:

Guide to your Child's Nutrition
by the American Academy of Pediatrics
Price is about $16.
This book contains a complete reference guide to child nutrition. It is an easy to use guide that offers information and strategies needed to manage the dietary requirements of children from newborn through adolescent.

Growing Up Healthy
Price is about $22.
It provides sensible eating guidelines for children 2 to 6 years of age. It presents a balanced lifestyle of food and activity for the entire family.

Health habits, to be effective, need stable and supportive families. Enjoy meals together and not in front of the television. Research has shown, when children and parents eat together, children eat better and perform better in school.

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