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Variety of Stair Steppers

Stair steppers are exercise machines where you stand upright. Also known as stair climbers, they provide an efficient cardiovascular workout. The steppers exercise the butt muscles, thigh and calves muscles.

There are two different designs of steppers: dependent and independent. Dependent foot action requires pushing down on one step to raise the other. On the independent stepper the foot pads are not linked. Dependent steppers are best for beginners.

Two types of steppers are available, motorized and manual.

The motorized steppers have motors that regulate the movement of the steps. They can be programmed to monitor your workout. Impact on the joints is minimal, since the movement of the steps is made by the machine.

The manual steppers have pistons with air pressure to control the stepping motion. They are less expensive than the motorized steppers. They are also quieter and usually require less space.

Options available:

  • Air or hydraulic brakes, which can be adjusted to fit your workout level.
  • Magnetic resistance offers smooth changes in resistance.
  • Display of calories burned, heart rate, time and other options.

If you travel a lot or have very little storage space, you might want to consider a mini stepper. These steppers don't have handrails for balance. The price is about $70-200.

The price range for regular sized steppers is large. Price range is about $200-3000+.

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