Get a great Workout
with Elliptical Machines

For people that have back or joint problems, but want to exercise, elliptical machines might be the solution. Elliptical trainers put minimal stress on your joints and are great, if you have back problems. They might be the best product you can get for your money. For about $500-1000 you can get a quality machine that will get you in shape and make you stay fit. These machines combine the activity on a treadmill and stair climber.

These are some of the benefits you can get when regularly exercising with elliptical trainers:

  • They provide a low impact exercise, which is ideal for people with knee and joint problems.
  • You get a weight bearing exercise and the effort is like running, but with less impact. Some machines have movable handles, which help exercise the upper body. Since this is a weight bearing exercise, it can strengthen your bones, which is important for older people. It lowers the risk of breaking your bones.
  • These machines are easy to use. The movement is all manual, smooth and easy to stop.
  • The trainers use very little power and require only little maintenance.
  • Elliptical machines don't use much floor space and are easy to move around.

When reviewing elliptical machines, consider the following features:

  • should be stable and not shake when used.
  • pedals should be non slip and adjustable.
  • an electric or magnetic adjustable resistance provides a smooth and quiet workout.
  • handlebars should be comfortable and provide correct posture.
  • easy to read display.
  • provide a full body workout. The elliptical should work both lower and upper body.
  • make sure the model fits your body size. All controls should be easy to reach and easy to read.
  • if you are heavy, make sure your weight falls within the maximum weight capacity of the elliptical machine.
  • there are two types of heart rate monitoring available: 1) the hand grip pulse monitor, where the pulse transmits to the console for a readout, 2) the chest strap reads the heart beat and transmits it to the console for a readout.
  • workout feedback is important to track your progress. As a minimum you should get readings for speed, distance and time. Other readings could include calories burned, heart rate and resistance levels.
  • stride length ranges from about 14' - 20". The stride length should be at least 17", if you are tall a 19" stride is recommended.
  • consider the weight of other persons that will use the machine.
  • the warranty should be at least 1-3 years for parts and 1 year for labor. If that is not standard, consider an extended warranty.

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