Select Running Shoes
that are right for your Feet

Running shoes can give good protection for shock absorption and control motion. They need to be durable and flexible. When looking for shoes, you need to first determine what type of foot you have, such as flat feet, high arched or wide feet.

Review the various running shoe types to find good fitting shoes. To choose the right shoe type, you need to determine your foot type. Your arch will decide the type of shoe that will fit best.

1. The most common foot type has a normal (medium) arch. Stability shoes are best suited for this type of foot. These shoes have good midsole cushioning.

2. Flat or low arch feet can use stability shoes with extra arch support. Flat feet that have excessive inward roll (overpronation) should try motion control shoes. If you are heavier and taller than average, motion control shoes might provide a better fit. They have more support to reduce side to side foot movement.

3. The least common foot type is the high arch foot. This type of foot does not roll inward naturally. This results in more stress on the outside of the foot. Neutral cushioning shoes, which have a softer midsole and more flexibility, might be best suited.

For any feet, be sure the shoes are wide enough, so the toes can move freely.

Next, you need to determine, what type of running you will be doing. A lightweight shoe would be best for fast paced training. For racing, an ultra lightweight shoe would be better.

For off road running, select shoes that have increased outsole traction and have a durable upper.

Once you have decided on a shoe, make sure they fit properly. Generally, there should be a thumb width between the longest toe and the end of the shoe. Toes should be able to move around freely, but the foot should not slide around. The heel should fit snugly and not slip up.

Don't wear the shoes too long. Failing to replace worn shoes can cause injuries. An average estimate for wear is about 350-550 miles.

Average price range for shoes is about $60-150.

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