Use Exercise Videos
to do Exercise Routines properly

When you use exercise videos in your exercise program, it will help you perform the workout routines properly. Many videos and books are available for different types of exercises.

Exercise Books
Fat That Doesn't Come Back
It presents information on nutrition and how to get motivated. It has easy to follow illustrated exercises.
Price is about $20.

The Pocket Trainer Guide
It provides strength training information that can help you get a stronger and leaner body.
Price is about $20.

The book provides basic stretching information that can be used for almost any exercise. Price is about $14.

Workout Videos
Pilates Video Set
It provides three easy to use workouts.
Price is about $60.

Toning Arms & Legs
It provides good exercises for toning your arm and leg muscles. Price is about $20.

There are many more workout videos available for beginning and more advanced workout routines.

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