Popular Trekking Poles have
an adjustable Length Feature

Various types of trekking poles are available:
1. Adjustable length poles are popular for hikers and backpackers.
2. Fixed length poles are very light, because they are mostly constructed with carbon fiber.
3. Nordic walking poles come with wrist straps, which keep the poles in your hands.
4. Hiking sticks are usually used as single poles. They have a knob at the top of the pole that can be unscrewed and allows to mount a camera.

Two popular adjustable pole brands are Black Diamond and Leki. These are quality poles with good features.

Important features of poles:
1. Carbon fiber construction is light and sturdy.
2. Aluminum alloy shafts are also light, but be sure the alloy is of good quality.
3. Foam grips are better than rubber or plastic grips. Rubber and plastic grips can get slippery.
4. Extra long grips are convenient. They allow you to choke up on steep terrain.

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