Reduce your Weight
with Running Exercise

Running Exercise is different than most popular physical fitness exercises. It improves mostly the heart and lung systems, while putting less exercise on other muscles.

It is also convenient, enjoyable and it is safe. No special skill or equipment is required. It can be done indoors or outdoors. It benefits anybody, especially the over 30 years group.

Jogging is an excellent exercise for losing weight, because it consumes calories at a rapid rate. Combined with eating less you guarantee a weight loss.

There are many advantages:

  • It is free and requires no equipment.
  • It improves heart and lungs and helps reduce weight.
  • Jogging will make you look and feel better.

Proper posture is important for running and walking. The best posture is one that is upright and relaxed. Your chest should be forward and shoulders back.

Your stride length and frequency of the stride is also important. Many runners believe that a long stride will improve speed. Overstriding will accomplish just the opposite.

Your stride length will depend on your individual make up and experience as a runner. You should find a good balance between stride length and stride frequency. As you become a more experienced runner, both your stride length and frequency will increase.

The arm swing provides coordination and balance with your legs. Keep your arms loose and have a natural swing.

But remember, even the simplest exercises can give you aches and pains. Normal aches and pains correct themselves, but it is always a good rule to see your doctor before you start an exercise program.

As you begin a running exercise program, consider the following principles:

  • Runners train year round. Never go all out or run at maximum effort.
  • If you work hard one day, work at a slower pace the next day. One day you might run 40 minutes at a steady pace, the next day you might want to run at a slower pace or even walk in between.
  • Slow running or jogging is gradual, moderate exercise that allows you to set your own schedule. It allows you to gradually increase your workout. You work your muscles, heart and lungs a little more each day or each week.
  • Running tends to be boring. Try to run different routes or surfaces, like on a track or hills.
  • You should have a schedule, but you can modify this schedule at any time.
  • The benefits of exercise are achieved by regular activity. To run one week and then skip one week won't produce required results

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