Exercise with Weightlifting Equipment
has many Health Benefits

There is a wide range of weightlifting equipment available. Before choosing any equipment, you need to decide:
1. what your goal is
2. what your budget is
Do you want to strengthen your muscles or do you want to build muscles? Instead of buying a complete home gym, you might want to start with accessories like free weights, a weight bench, dumbbells, etc.

Weightlifting equipment:

Free Weights
For experienced weightlifters, free weights might be appropriate. If you are a beginner than it would be advisable to start with small weights. Heavy weights require another person (spotter) to assist you to safely use heavy barbells.

Free weights are cheaper than complete home gyms. To use free weights properly, it would be best to get exercise instructions or even an exercise video.

Home Gyms
The biggest benefit for working out at home is convenience. You don't have to drive to a gym.

Home gyms are safer than free weights and you don't need another person to assist you. Home gyms come in many types with many features.

You don't have to start out with a complete home gym. There are many accessories available that can be added later as you progress with your routines.

Accessories like weight benches, weightlifting gloves, weightlifting belts, wrist weights and ankle weights can be added as you need them in your routines.

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