Asics Gym Bags

Asics is a global company that offers athletic wear, including Asics gym bags. Asics was started in 1949 and after several reorganizations and mergers, the Asics Corporation was founded in 1977.

Asics markets several styles of gym bags. The Asics medium duffel costs about $55. It has a wet shoe pocket with a mesh opening. Zippered front and side pockets are easy to use. Convenient is the roll out mat for seating. You can use the two carrying handles that meet in the middle or the shoulder strap.

The Asics small duffel costs about $30-40. It is stylish, durable and available in several colors. Features include:
1. Polyester fabric
2. Luggage pull strap and an ID tag
3. Adjustable shoulder straps and carrying handles
4. Pocket with mesh panel for wet clothing

The Asics Running bag costs about $40. It features a large compartment with a zipper closure and a separate pocket with a mesh panel for shoes or wet clothing.

The Asics gear bag costs about $35. It is made with durable polyester and has mesh side panels that provide air circulation. Other features include a drawstring closure and zippered pockets. The padded shoulder straps are convenient.

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