Durable and flexible
Avia Walking Shoes

Avia walking shoes are durable, flexible and have good looking uppers. They are lightweight and feature the latest technologies. The shoes feature the Archrocker technology and the Cantilever heel. Archrocker supports the arch of the foot and the Cantilever heel softens the impact. Price range is about $40-60.

Features include:
1. Leather and synthetic upper material.
2. Air mesh allows for air circulation.
3. Rubber outsole provides good traction.
4. Shock absorbing midsole increases comfort.
5. Removable insole adds to comfort.

The Avia 325 model costs about $60. The shoe has a synthetic upper and mesh lining to keep your foot cool and dry. A special technology in the heel increases stability and cushioning.

Avia was founded in 1979. It developed technologies like the Cantilever heel, Anatomical Cradle and Archrocker. These designs support the arch and prevent foot fatigue.

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