Benefits of Exercise

There are many benefits of exercise that can benefit everybody regardless of age. Physical activity, in combination with a sensible diet, can help prevent many illnesses and provide you with a good feeling.

Some of the benefits of physical activity are:

  • You improve your health. Even moderate exercise like walking can improve the heart, lungs and lower blood pressure.
  • Lower weight and stress levels.
  • Increase your confidence. It makes you more fit and you feel better about yourself.
  • It will reduce your waistline and abdomen. You look better and consequently, it will improve how you feel.
  • Lowers total cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.
  • Risk of developing high blood pressure is reduced. If you have high blood pressure, it can help lower it.
  • Energy and confidence levels are increased.

Make it a habit to exercise by choosing an activity that you will enjoy. Set realistic goals and choose an exercise that you can easily do. There are activities for the young and old, so don't find excuses not to enjoy the benefits.

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