Choose the
right best Multivitamins

It is helpful to classify the best multivitamins into three categories:
1. Vitamins for men
2. Vitamins for women
3. Vitamins for children

Vitamins for men
The One a Day Men's Health Formula vitamins contain no iron, because studies have shown that too much iron can cause health problems. It is better to look for vitamins that contain little or no iron. The Men's Health Formula contains about 150% of the daily requirement for selenium and vitamin E. Both of these additives may help prevent prostate problems. Price is about $8 for 100 tablets.

Centrum Silver are often used multivitamins. They do not contain as much selenium as the One a Day vitamins. Price is about $9 for 100 tablets. Centrum from A to Z vitamins contain more than the recommended 9 milligrams of iron. Price is about $7 for 50 tablets.

Walmart, Target or other stores might carry generic multivitamins of these best multivitamins at a much lower cost.

Vitamins for Women
Centrum A to Z might be better vitamins for women, because they contain 18 milligrams of iron. Women lose iron during menstruation.

One a Day Women's vitamins contain 18 milligrams of iron. There are other differences between the men's and women's formula. Price is about $20 for 250 tablets. Nature Made for Her vitamins have 18 milligrams of iron. Price is about $8 for 90 tablets.

There are special vitamins available for pregnant women. Century Prenatal vitamins cost about $5 for 60 tablets.

For women over 50 years of age, One a Day and Centrum Silver vitamins are often used. If you check store brands, be sure that the vitamins contain all daily requirements. If you are not sure check with your pharmacist or your doctor.

Vitamins for Children
Generally, a balanced diet is the best source for vitamins and minerals. Children should never take more than one vitamin per day. Children sometimes like vitamins, because they come in fun shapes and taste like candy. The more popular vitamins for children are Flintstones, Centrum Kids and One a Day Kids. These vitamins cost about $7 for 60 tablets.

When choosing one of these best multivitamins or any other vitamin, consider:
1. Vitamins should not interfere with your medicine.
2. Avoid very cheap vitamins.
3. Don't give adult vitamins to children.
4. Be careful when considering vitamins that claim special health benefits like stress relief or weight loss.

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