Benefits of
Ellipticals vs Treadmills

To compare ellipticals vs treadmills, you need to look at the benefits of the machines. Treadmills have been available for many years and remain very popular. Ellipticals are a newer addition to fitness equipment and have been gaining on popularity. Both machines offer a good aerobic workout.

Elliptical machines provide a low impact aerobic workout. Your feet are always on the pedals. This makes it easy on the joints, knee and lower back. Ellipticals might therefore be better suited for older people and for individuals who are rehabilitating joint or knee injuries.

An elliptical can work the lower and upper body simultaneously. The handlebars provide a workout for the upper body and arms. The foot pedals can be used for pedaling forwards and backwards. This provides an excellent training for your legs. Ellipticals are easy to use. The movement is smooth and is quick to stop.

Treadmills can also provide a good aerobic workout. On treadmills you can walk, jog or run. High quality machines have several intensity levels and built in workout programs.

Treadmills are a good choice for joggers and runners. A cushioned running surface provides less impact on knees and joints than running on streets.

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