Use this Landice Treadmill Review
to choose a high Quality Machine

Landice Treadmill has made commercial and home treadmills since 1967. This Landice treadmill review covers only the home treadmills. The price range is about $3000-5500.

The machines are built with high quality components. There is a lifetime warranty on components for all machines. The warranty for labor is 12 months. To get lifetime warranty, the machines need to be installed by a dealer. Be sure to read other restrictions.

Landice treadmills have received best buy ratings from the Treadmill Doctor and Runner's World.

Other features:

  • The machines have a large, strong walking belt and a large 3 HP motor.
  • Speed range is .5-11 mph and incline is up to 15%.
  • The frames are constructed with locking hardware, which makes the frames stronger than welded frames.
  • Weight capacity is 400-500 lbs.

L7 Sports Trainer costs about $3000.

L7 Cardio Trainer costs about $3800.

L7 Executive Trainer has a price of about $4600.

L8 Pro Sports has a weight capacity of 500 lbs and costs about $4000.

L8 Cardio Trainer has a weight capacity of 500 lbs and costs about $4700.

L8 Executive Trainer has a large user capacity of 500 lbs and costs about $5500.

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