Life Fitness Exercise Bikes

Life Fitness exercise equipment, which includes Life Fitness exercise bikes, is very popular in health clubs, YMCA clubs, personal training centers and other fitness facilities.

Many professional athletes choose Life Fitness equipment as their provider for cardio and strength training.

Prices for exercise bikes are on the high side. List prices range from about $1100-3100. Sales prices can be as much as $1000 lower.

Warranty is generally lifetime for the frame, 3-5 years for parts and 1 year for labor.

The R9i is a recumbent cycle that costs about $2100-3100. It features 7 custom and 19 preset workout programs.

The R3 is a recumbent bike. Price is about $1500-1800 for the basic model.

The R1 is a recumbent model with 5 workout programs. The basic model costs about $1100-1300.

The C9i is an upright cycle. It is the home version of the popular health club model. Price is about $1900-2600.

The C1 upright is priced about $900-1100 for the basic model. The C3 upright costs about $1300-1600.

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