Mini Trampolines are great
for a low Impact Exercise

Mini trampolines stand about 8 inches of the floor and are about 36-40 inches in diameter. They offer a low impact aerobic exercise, which can provide improved strength, coordination and balance.

These trampolines, also called rebounding units, are beneficial, because they offer exercises for the whole body. They are easy on the joints. The soft surface absorbs most of the shock when bouncing. This is especially good for people with knee problems.

There are several types of trampolines available. Some can be folded and are portable. Price range is about $40-200+.

Trampolines are fun for kids, but can be very dangerous. Common injuries are broken bones, head injuries, sprains and bruises. Most of these injuries result from landing wrong or colliding with another person on the trampoline. Injuries can also happen when landing on the springs or frame of the trampoline or when attempting stunts.

It is advisable to get some professional instructions before using trampolines. Padded covers for springs are also suggested.

These are some of the benefits of exercising on a trampoline:

  • It is a low impact exercise
  • It can help improve strength, coordination and balance
  • Leg and thigh muscles can be toned and strengthened
  • It is portable
  • The whole family can use it

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