Natori Sports Bras
provide good Support

Natori designs and markets fashionable lingerie, bras, dresses, a fragrance collection and eye glasses. A large selection of various styles Natori sports bras is available.

Natori was started about 30 years ago by Josie Cruz Natori. She has been very successful in the fashion industry. She has received several awards for her achievements.

The sports bra costs about $50. It is an underwire bra with seamless cups. A wide bottom band and a back anchor hold the bra in place. In addition, wide straps provide comfort and avoid slipping.

The Performance bra costs about $55. It has the following features:
1. Breathable Coolmax and Lycra fabrics for comfort
2. Two ply cups provide a good fit and support
3. The back has adjustable straps that can be worn regular or criss-cross

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