Quality Nautilus Treadmills

The Nautilus T516 treadmill is a powerful machine with excellent features. It provides a variety of workouts for walking, jogging and running. Price is about $1300-1400.

Check out these features:
1. Large 20" x 57" running deck
2. Powerful 3.2 HP continuous duty motor allows for a smooth workout
4. Special soft running deck adds to a low impact workout
5. LED windows track your workout statistics
6. A variety of workout programs keep you motivated
7. Polar heart rate chest strap
8. Storage for 2 water bottles and keys
9. Convenient ledge for a book or magazine

The Nautilus Sport Series T514 treadmill is the company's entry level machine. It features a strong motor and comfortable deck cushioning. Price is about $1100-1200.

Features include:
1. Large 20" x 57" running deck has an advanced cushioning system
2. Strong 2.75 HP continuous duty motor
3. LED display tracks your workout statistics
4. Various workout programs keep your exercise interesting
5. Polar heart rate chest strap controls your heart rate
6. You can select from three display options: standard LED display, software compatible LED display or high resolution LCD display
7. Handy storage for 2 water bottles and keys
8. Convenient book or magazine ledge

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