Pilates Exercise helps
improve lower Back Pain

Pilates exercise conditions your body with stretch exercises. It balances strength and flexibility with controlled, concise movements.

Pilates is a growing form of exercise that has become very popular among celebrities. It is a systematic practice that will develop your body through balancing, stretching, strengthening and proper breathing.

It was created by Joseph Pilates, a German, who developed a method of exercise, which would assist injured soldiers in their rehabilitation to regain strength.

In 1926 he moved to New York and made his method of exercise popular. He called this exercise Pilates.

Pilates combines breathing techniques with stretches on a machine or mat. The exercises target flexibility, posture and strength.

It is normally taught by taking classes. These classes can be taught using a mat or machine. Health clubs and recreation centers offer classes.

Exercises can be performed by anybody to improve the back, flatten the stomach, strengthen knees, lose weight or increase energy levels.

Benefits can be achieved in many areas:

  • Improves strength, flexibility and balance
  • It is an effective exercise for rehabilitation of injuries
  • Helps reduce weight
  • Reduces stress and increases energy levels
  • Improves circulation
  • Increases mobility and endurance
  • Provides a great exercise for the abdomen
  • Makes you look and feel better.

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