Precor Exercise Bikes
are built with Quality Parts

Precor exercise bikes are built to last. Quality parts and superior construction give you years of trouble free use. The bikes are designed to be comfortable and provide an effective workout.

The recumbent bike RBK 835 provides a low impact cardio workout. Price is about $3600-4000.

The air flex seat with a high ventilation seat back has a system that allows the seat to be adjusted. Dual sided pedals can be used without the pedal straps. The pedals accommodate all feet sizes.

Several preset programs allow for a variety of workouts. The LED display shows resistance level, elapsed time, calories used, heart rate and other functions.

The UBK 835 upright model costs about $3300-3700. It has the same features as the recumbent bike.

The UBK 815 upright bike $2800-3100. It is used in fitness centers. It has a variety of programs and features comfortable handlebars.

Other features include dual sided pedals that can be used without pedal straps, adjustable seat, heart rate monitoring and 25 resistance levels.

The RBK 815 recumbent bike costs about $3100-3400. It has about the same features as the upright bike.

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