ProForm Ellipticals

ProForm elliptical machines are categorized in 3 groups:
1. Rear drive series
2. Front Drive series
3. Hybrid series

ProForm is a subsidiary of Icon Health and Fitness, which is the largest fitness company in the world.

ProForm ellipticals are good for the casual user. If you exercise on a regular basis, a better quality machine would be more appropriate.

1. Rear drive Ellipticals

The 14.0 CE elliptical costs about $700-800. It has a space saver design that lets you fold up the pedals and the base. Other features include:
1. 18 built in workouts
2. Handlebar sensors ensure that you are in the right training zone
3. iFit technology connects to your home's wireless network for real time feedback
4. Upper body workout arms allow you to burn more calories
5. Oversized, cushioned pedals
6. Built in music system for your iPod or MP3 player

2. The 14.0 RE elliptical costs about $700. It features an incline up to 30 degrees, which reduces impact on your joints and adds variety to your workout. Other features include a dual grip heart rate monitor, iFit compatible console, upper workout arms and a compatible music port for your iPod or MP3 player.

The 10.0 CE costs about $700. The machine lets you quickly adjust your stride from 16", 18" or 20". You choose a variety of workout programs. The iFit technology allows you to get a personalized workout program. You can use your iPod or MP3 player with the built in music system.

2. Front wheel drive ellipticals

The 510 E machine costs about $700-800. You can adjust your stride up to 20" and your incline up to 20 degrees. The machine is iFit compatible and has a built in music system.

The 710 E elliptical costs about $800-900. It has more workout programs and the same features as the 510 E machine.

3. Hybrid trainers

A hybrid trainer delivers the benefits of and exercise bike and an elliptical machine. The Proform hybrid trainer costs about $500-700. It has a recumbent seat, upper workout arms and adjustable pedals. You can sit or stand to use the machine.

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