Resistance Training Bands
are ideal for Home Use

Resistance training bands are good, inexpensive alternative for free weights. They are light and you can put them in your suitcase for travel.

A variety of bands is available. They are often color coded according to resistance. It is good to buy at least 3 different bands so you can vary your workouts.

For example, SPRI Xertubes are portable and provide resistance training to your exercise routines. They are made of durable rubber and have sturdy plastic handles. A door attachment is included. Price is about $15.

A set of 5 ProSource premium latex resistance bands cost about $25. Each band offers a different resistance. A color code indicates tension. They measure 48" and have cushioned foam handles. A door anchor is included.

Black Mountain resistance bands are made from quality, natural latex material. Five color coded band sets are included. Colors indicate the resistance level, which ranges from 4-75 lbs. Each band comes with foam cushioned handles. Also included is a door anchor, carrying bag, ankle strap and a starter guide. Price is about $30-40.

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