Running for Beginners
should have a Fitness Goal

Most new runners try to do too much when they start. Here are some tips on running for beginners.

It is important to start slowly. Do not become impatient and try to speed up the running program:

  • You should walk for the first 1-3 weeks. This might seem boring, but it will give your joints and muscles time to get used to walking and then running.
  • When you start running, do not run more than every other day. As you get more experienced you can run 5-6 times a week.
  • Do not increase the weekly mileage too much at once. Build up the distance slowly.
  • Get a running watch to monitor your time or distance.

You need a good pair of shoes and a good place to run. Plan to spend about $60-120 for shoes. Most runners like to wear running shorts and a tee shirt. Material like CoolMax or Lycra will help keep the sweat away.

If you run outside, try to find dirt roads. Concrete roads can be tough on your joints. When running at night or early morning, wear some reflective clothing.

Below is a sample running program:

Week 1-3
Walk 3 days a week for 30 minutes

Week 4
Walk for a 5 minute warm up
Jog 200-300 yards
Walk 200-300 yards
Repeat the jogging and walking 2-3 times

Week 5-6
walk 5 minutes to warm up
Jog 2-3 minutes and then walk 1-2 minutes
Repeat the jogging and walking three times

Week 7-8
Do a 5 minute walk to warm up
Then jog 4-5 minutes and walk 1-2 minutes
Repeat this 3 times

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