Durable and lightweight
Running Socks

Advancement in fabrics have resulted in big improvements for running socks. Good socks will improve your running and help avoid injuries. For most types of running, socks should have extra cushion for more comfort and protection. They should also be breathable and durable. Toes and heels should be reinforced.

There are two popular fabrics: Coolmax and Smartwool. Coolmax pulls moisture away from the feet. This fabric keeps the feet dry and the feet have less chance to develop blisters. Material is 96% nylon and 4% spandex. Price is about $15.

The other popular fabric is Smartwool, which consists of 62% wool, 36% nylon and 2% elastic material. Some claim that this fabric is preferable to mostly synthetic fabric.

To find the correct type of socks, you need to consider your particular need. If you do racing, then lightweight types might be more appropriate. If you do trail running, durable and reinforced socks at the toes and heels might be better.

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