A Sports Bra for Men provides
Support for large Breasts

Men with large breasts might need a sports bra for men when they exercise or are active. They need a good support vest that will provide support and flattens the chest.

The Enell support vest costs about $75. It reduces bounce and flattens the chest. The vest is custom made for each man.

A Gynecomastia vest by Morris Designs costs about $60. It is invisible under clothing. An adjustable hook and eye front closure makes it easy to put on.

Men can also wear stretchy fabric tops that are close fitting. They flatten the breasts and provide support. Price is about $25-30.

Men can also try a plus size sports bra. A v neck double layer bra can be worn under a sports jersey. Two layers of cotton/Lycra blend provide support. Price is about $40.

The Mizuno Colt sports bra provides support during workouts. Moisture wicking fabric keeps you cool and comfortable. Stretch mesh inserts on the back provide additional ventilation.

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