A Teen Sports Bra provides
Support during Impact Activities

A properly fitted teen sports bra is necessary for comfort, support and breast control during athletic activities or exercise.

A bra should fit well, otherwise it can cause back pain and posture problems. To ensure that the teen is wearing the right size, check once a year that the bra fits properly.

Then determine the activity level. There are different styles of bras designed for specific body types and activities. For running you will need a bra that provides good support.

A young girl who has started to get breasts, might need only a training bra. For low impact activities a light support model with no underwire is good for smaller breasts.

Full support bras usually have an underwire. They can be worn by girls with larger cup sizes. Activities like softball, soccer or basketball are high impact activities that require good breast control and support.

Teen bras are available in a variety of colors, styles and patterns.

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