Get your Body ready
with Warm Up Routines

Before you start an exercise or aerobic session, you should warm up to increase your heart rate. Easy routines before exercising will increase the blood flow to your muscles and will make them ready for a more intense workout.

The most widely used techniques are jogging, rope jumping and stationary bicycling. Another way to prepare for your exercise is an easy 5-10 minute routine of the exercise. Walk before jogging, jog before running at a slower pace are good routines. Weightlifters can jog, walk, use a stationary bicycle or treadmill.

To prepare specific muscles, do the same movements but not as fast. For example, a baseball batter practices his swing more slowly and a pitcher throws baseballs at a slower pace. These routines should get your heart rate beating faster and last 5-10 minutes.

After you performed your workout, you should cool down properly. The cool down period slows the heart rate down. Walk and stretch until the heart rate goes down to about 100 beats per minute, which should be about in 5-10 minutes.

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