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Accusplit Pedometers

Accusplit has been in business since 1972. It markets Accusplit pedometers and stopwatch products. The company is a leader in the health and wellness industry.

All pedometers come with an activity wellness guide. The booklet covers the basics of pedometers, how to wear the unit and more.

The Pedometer Walking program includes a 106 page book, the AE140S pedometer, a security leash and a link to the online wellness program. Price is about $30.

The Step Diet program costs about $25. It includes a 320 page book, the AX120 pedometer, a security leash and access to the online support program.

The Steps to Healthy Bones guide costs about $20. It includes a 28 page book, the AX120 pedometer and a closed case protection. Steps walked or jogged are counted up to 100,000 steps. It is a very accurate unit.

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