A Pedometer
can track your Progress

A pedometer is a device that counts the steps you take. If you are following a walking program, the device helps to keep track of your progress.

You can wear the device all day or only when walking. Set a goal for the number of steps you like to take. A goal of 4000-6000 steps five to six times a week will be good for your health and also help reduce weight.

A walk of 4000 steps equals about 30 minutes. To reach 6,000 steps for one session, you need to walk about 45 minutes.

Look for the following features:

  • The display should be easy to read.
  • It should have a sturdy clip that fits on the clothing you wear. It should have an extra security strap to prevent losing it.
  • It should be comfortable and lightweight.

Test have shown that using cheap pedometers can give you data that is 50% or more inaccurate. Cheap models cost about $10, while more accurate models cost about $30.

Wearing a pedometer can motivate users and increase walking activity. Some basic models provide distance traveled and calories burned.

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