Increase your
Performance with Ankle Weights

Exercising with ankle weights is a great way to increase your leg strength and endurance. They can be used for exercise or rehabilitation purposes. If you are a beginner, start with small weights. As you progress you can increase the weights.

In addition to muscle building, your running can also benefit. But you probably should use lighter weights for running than for bodybuilding. Tests have shown that runners who worked out with weights improved their speed more than runners who did not use weights.

Any exercise performed with weights will improve results even if less time is spent exercising. Be careful not to use too much weight, if you are just starting out. Another benefit of using weights, either on your ankles or wrists, is an increase in calorie consumption.

Prices range from about $10-60. For example:
1. A 5 lb ankle or wrist set, consisting of two 2.5 lb weights, costs about $20. The pieces are covered with washable neoprene. They come with Velcro straps, which allows for a good fit.
2. A 10 lb adjustable set costs about $60. The set consists of two 5 lb weights. Each 5 lb weight includes ten .5 lb irons, which can be individually removed.

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