Athletic Sport Socks
should fit correctly

Athletic sport socks must fit correctly to avoid pressure and blisters. There is a great selection of walking, running and sport socks available. These socks protect your feet and wick away sweat from your skin.

Look for the following features when selecting sport socks:
1. High tech fabrics wick away sweat from your feet. Coolmax, Dri Fit and similar fabrics help protect your feet.

2. For some athletic activities, socks with padding will be more comfortable and help prevent blisters. For walking medium padded socks are sufficient. Some walking socks have padding placed in areas like instep, heel and ball of feet.

3. Double layer socks are made of a double layer construction. They prevent blistering by wicking away moisture and decreasing friction. A popular brand is WrightSock. According to the WrightSock website the friction and shearing forces, created by rigorous activity, are absorbed by the interaction between the inner and outer layers.

4. Socks that are shaped like feet fit better, are more comfortable and don't bunch up under your feet.

Various materials are available:
1. Cotton is usually blended with nylon or acrylic fibers to improve moisture management and reduce friction.

2. Wool offers good cushioning and moisture control. Merino wool is a better grade wool that is soft and durable.

3. Coolmax is a lightweight material with improved moisture control.

4. Acrylic is lightweight and has fast drying properties. Most socks are made with acrylic fiber.

Some of the manufacturers that market athletic and support socks are Activa, Jobst, SmartWool, Thorlo and WrightSock.

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