Best Weight Benches
feature a heavy Duty Steel Frame

The best weight benches are designed to tone and build your arms, thighs and abdomen. There are various types available.

Dumbbell Weight Benches are excellent for home use. They can be flat or adjustable and are best suited for lifting dumbbells.

Olympic Weight Benches are very popular in gyms and health clubs. They support standard seven foot bars. A pair of upright racks hold the barbells. The benches are suited for weightlifters and heavy workouts.

Xodus and York offer Olympic benches that cost about $280. They feature steel tubing and a wide base.

Look for the following features:
1. Wide, padded surface
2. Adjustable sections will make workouts more comfortable
3. Frame should be made of thick steel tubing that can support the exerciser's weight plus the weights used.
4. Racks should accommodate a wide range of barbells

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