Home Weight Benches
for Strength Training

There are various types of home weight benches available. To select the right bench, you need to consider your goal. Weight benches are great for strength training, exercise and flexibility workouts.

To choose a bench, consider the following:

1. Size
Determine how much space you have. Many benches fold and can be stored under a bed or in a closet.

2. Capacity
Consider your weight and the amounts of weight you will be using. Will you use dumbbells and barbells? Many benches are designed for heavy weightlifting.

3. Frame
A strong frame should be made of 2" x 2" or 2" x 3" heavy gauge steel. The width is generally as follows:
a. Standard size is 28" for 5-6 foot bars
b. Mid width is 40" for 5-6 foot bars
c. Olympic size is 48" for 7 foot bars

4. Adjustable Models
Position can be set to flat, incline or decline. They are very effective, because you can train at different angles and exercise certain muscles. They can provide a good workout, especially with dumbbells.

If you want to use free weights, then a model with racks at one end to hold weights would be better. Many models are adjustable, have leg curls, arm extensions, arm curls and a lat pull down.

5. Features
Many models allow to add attachments for leg and upper body workouts.

The price for benches varies from about $100-600. The higher priced models are more stable and come with attachments.

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