Bio Force Home Gym provides
over 100 body shaping Exercises

The Bio Force home gym features the TNT system. It is the only professional home gym that uses the Total Nitrocell Technology (TNT).

The system uses two nitrogen charged cylinders to create resistance instead of weight plates. Resistance is smooth and consistent. You can change the weight from 10-170 lbs without getting of the machine.

Changeover from a shoulder press to a lat pull down is fast and easy. You can perform over 100 exercises.

The standard Bio Force includes everything you need to succeed. Included are 170 lbs resistance, a leg developer, a lat tower and over 100 body shaping exercises.

Two exercise charts, one for men and one for women, show proper form and technique for popular movements. Price for the Bio Force 1.7 home gym is about $700-880. Consumer Search has given this machine a BEST BUY rating.

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