High Quality
Body Solid Home Gyms

Body Solid home gyms have been manufactured by Body Solid for over 20 years. The company has become the largest supplier of home gyms and strength training equipment. The machines have received several #1 "Best Buy" ratings from consumer magazines.

If you are looking for high quality equipment, consider one of these gyms:

The Powerline PHG2000WS Home Gym targets all major muscle groups. It has a multi grip press station and one 150 lb weight stack. The warranty is 10 years. Price is about $1100.

The Gym EXM1500S model was rated #1 "Best Buy" by a consumer reporting magazine. It has a 160 lbs alloy weight stack. The warranty is lifetime. Price is about $800-1100.

The Body Solid G6B Gym was rated "Best Buy" by Consumer Guide. Features include:

  • It has a patented press station, which works like a free weight dumbbell press.
  • It has stations like chest, incline, shoulder press and leg developer.
  • The weight stack is 210 lbs with 260 lbs optional.
  • It features a gas assist adjustable seat post, a lat bar, a straight bar, a workout DVD and a full size exercise chart.
  • Warranty is lifetime and the price is about $2500.

The G1S model is a space saving gym. It allows you to perform over 40 exercises. List price is about $1200. Main features:
1. Firm, adjustable seat and back provides comfortable support.
2. Heavy duty steel construction with powder coating.
3. Includes all features for an efficient workout.

The G2B Bi-Angular gym is a space saving easy to use model. It has a 160 lb weight stack. Optional 210 lb weight stack is available. A Total Body Workout DVD and a full exercise chart is included.

Body Solid gyms are high quality gyms with excellent warranty.

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