Black Diamond Trekking Poles

The length of Black Diamond trekking poles is adjustable. The poles feature the FlickLock adjustment. This feature is convenient and easy to use. The FlickLock locking system allows pole users to change pole length as you go. Price range for the poles is about $80-160 for a pair.

The Contour Elliptic Carbon costs about $160 for a pair. It is a year round model with an elliptic shaft. The upper shaft has a shock absorbing carbon fiber construction. The pole has double FlickLocks.

The Ultra Distance is a super light, 3 season carbon fiber pole that uses a special folding technology. The foam grip features a non slip extension for choking up on steep terrain. It has a 3 section pole design. Price is about $150 for a pair.

The Distance pole is good for day hikers and trail runners. The pole features a sturdy 3 piece aluminum design. The foam grip is lightweight and has a mini extension for choking up. Price is about $160 per pair.

The Trail trekking pole costs about $90 per pair. It is an easy to use model with a 360 degree padded strap. It has a non slip foam upper shaft and double FlickLocks.

The Syncline is a two section model for year round users. Price is about $75. It has a rubber grip with a nylon webbing strap, a non slip upper shaft and a single FlickLock.

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