Gabel Trekking Poles
are dependable and versatile

Gabel was founded in 1975. It produces Gabel trekking poles, ski and hiking poles. The company offers a wide choice of versatile and dependable poles for trekking, hiking and walking.

The Tour Lite Expert trekking pole costs about $80-100. It is made of aluminum and is designed for trekking and alpine touring. The pole is extendable from 26" to 57". The wrist straps can easily be removed or adjusted. The foam grip extension allows you to handle different terrains.

The Mont Blanc models cost about $75. The 3 piece aluminum shaft adjusts to a compact size. It has a top click system that allows you to easily adjust or remove the wrist straps.

The Carbon Lite Tech models cost about $140-170 for a pair. The carbon/aluminum materials offer reliability and durability. Carbide tips provide good stability in various terrains.

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