Strength Training with
Bowflex Home Gyms

Bowflex home gyms are designed to give you a complete body workout. They will tighten your abdomen, firm legs, tone your muscles and give you a strong chest.

The Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE home gym costs about $1600. It is the top seller that features 70+ exercises. The owner's manual has detailed instructions that will help you in your workouts.

Features include:
1. 210 lbs of power rod resistance, which can be upgraded to 310 lbs.
2. No change cable pulley system lets you move from squats to lats and to leg workouts without changing cables.
3. Lat tower with an angled bar helps build back and shoulder muscles.
4. Leg extension can be used to develop strong legs.
5. 4 position pulley/squat station helps build glutes, hamstrings and squads.
6. Abdominal crunch shoulder harness helps build a strong abdomen.
7. Versatile hand grip/ankle cuffs add flexibility to your workout.

The Bowflex Revolution is a smooth and versatile home gym. Patented resistance technology duplicates the benefits of free weights. Price is about $3000.

The gym provides a full workout. Features include over 100 exercises, 220 lbs of resistance, preacher curl attachment for building biceps and leg presses for lower body workouts.

The space saving design allows the gym to be set up in areas and rooms with a normal ceiling height. It has a built in rowing machine that allows you to get a calorie burning workout or perform a warm up and cool down period.

The Bowflex Classic has 210 lbs of power rod resistance. It offers all the basics to succeed. You can perform over 30 exercises, including chest, back, abdominal and leg exercises. Price is about $650.

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