Bowflex Accessories can
help build a stronger Body

Bowflex accessories can improve your workouts and make exercise easier.

The Upper and Lower Body Workout video set costs about $40. It is a two part series that gives controlled methods to build a leaner and stronger overall physique. The upper body workout helps you gain powerful upper body strength. The lower body workout will give you a more flexible muscle system.

The Bodybuilding Workout video set consists of 3 parts. Part one concentrates on building a sculpted chest, tight abs and powerful shoulders.
Part two focuses on your trunk, torso and arms.
Part three of the 3 day series helps increase your lower body endurance.
Price for the set is about $50.

The Bowflex i-trainer software is fully customizable and will help:
1. Evaluate your level of fitness
2. Determine your strength training goals
3. Track and assess your progress
4. Enhance your fitness results
Price is about $60.

Other accessories available are machine attachments, power rod upgrades, machine mats and other helpful products.

The Nautilus heart rate monitor costs about $70. It is a wrist monitor that displays your heart rate, calories burned and other workout data with a touch of a button.

The Bowflex mechanical analog scale costs about $80. It features a 7" dial for easy reading. The scale is accurate to 300 pounds.

The Nautilus complete yoga and Pilates workout set costs about $70. It includes two DVDs with 5 workouts, yoga mat, two Pilates weight balls, flat band, anti burst ball and foot pump.

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