Cathe Friedrich Exercise Videos

Cathe Friedrich exercise videos are offered for various types of exercises. Cathe Friedrich has been teaching aerobics for about 20 years. She produced her first video in 1988. Her videos show her unique style and dynamic power moves. The price is about $20-30 for a video. Her intensity videos cost about $45.

Low Impact Step + Total Body Sculpting Video costs about $25. This is a beginner to intermediate, low impact step routine. The exercises will help burn fat, calories and shape your buns and thighs. The total body sculpting routines feature a stability ball and three pound hand weights. It is recommended that the body workout is done twice a week.

The Kick Max video costs about $27. The warm up section lasts 12 minutes. The kick and punch combo routine lasts 22 minutes. In this 15 minute kickbox/boot camp routine, 10 high impact conditioning drills are featured. The 18 minute leg conditioning drills are designed to shape your legs. A six minute relaxing segment completes this workout.

Other Cathe Friedrich videos are the Intensity Series. They come in three volumes. Each volume costs about $45. Each volume is about 1 3/4 - 2 hours long.

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