Richard Simmons Exercise
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Richard Simmons exercise videos are mostly dancing routines to popular music. They are best suited for beginners.

Richard Simmons - Sweating to the Oldies costs about $15-20. This is a dance workout video. Exercisers dance to the music from the 1950s and 1960s. The video includes 22 minutes of aerobics and in addition has periods for warm up, cool down and stretching.

The complete series of Sweating to the Oldies includes 4 videos plus the new video "Love Yourself and Win". Price is about $40.

Richard Simmons - Blast & Tone costs about $17-20. The exercise routines use two sets of weights: a light set of dumbbells for endurance and a heavier set for strength building.

Richard Simmons - 80's Blast Off costs about $17-20.

Tonin' to the oldies w/Boogie Cords DVD costs about $20. It is a circuit training workout that combines both cardiovascular training and muscle strengthening. You use lightweight Boogie Cords to exercise.

Richard Simmons music CDs cost about $10:
1. Shimmy into Shape contains a combination of oldies and modern dance songs.
2. Country Cardio Music is a collection of country classics.
3. Big Screen Burn music includes smash hits from the big screen.

Richard Simmons grew up in the French quarter of New Orleans. He weight 268 pounds when he graduated from high School. In 1973 he relocated to Los Angeles where he established the health club Slimmons.

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