Select a sturdy and
comfortable Exercise Floor Mat

A good exercise floor mat should protect you from hard and cold floors. It should be soft to absorb pressure and be firm for good support. There are many types available in different sizes.

A quality mat, 5/8 or 3/4 inch thick will cost about $60-125, depending on the size. Look for the following features:

  • Lightweight and easy to roll up.
  • Provide insulation from cool floors and give good cushioning.
  • Should be durable and have a non slip surface.

You can get a mat for yoga workouts that is 1/8" thick and is safe to practice on. It is non slip, lightweight, washable and rolls up for travel. Cost is about $20.

A durable mat can also be used to place under exercise equipment. This will protect your floor or carpet and reduce noise. The cost is about $25 for a bike mat and about $40 for a treadmill mat.

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