Garmin Heart Rate Monitors

Garmin heart rate monitors are marketed by Garmin Ltd., which designs, manufactures and markets navigation and communications equipment. Products are designed with easy to use menus and practical features. The company was started in 1989 and now has over 7000 employees.

Garmin offers the Forerunner models for running exercise. Price range is about $130-380.

An entry level training device with GPS is available for athletes, recreational walkers and runners. It measures speed, distance and calories burned. Data can be stored for up to two years. A lap timer indicates when a certain speed is reached or when the speed is below a preset level. List price is about $120.

The more advanced models monitor heart rate, speed, distance, pace and calories used. They come with a heart rate monitor, Garmin Training Center software, a wrist strap and an expander strap. The software lets you create your own workouts or you can use workout templates included on the CD. List prices are $215-380.

Garmin offers two cycling monitors. List prices range from $270-390. The Edge model is easy to use and can be mounted on your bike. The basic device measures speed, distance, time, calories used, altitude and more. Included is the Training Center software that can analyze your data. The advanced model comes with a heart rate monitor.

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