Suunto Heart Rate Monitors
are accurate and dependable

Suunto is a leading designer and manufacturer of sports instruments, including Suunto heart rate monitors. Suunto's products are recognized for accuracy and dependability. They help athletes at all levels improve performance.

The t6c model costs about $400. The monitor measures your actual fitness gain over time and helps achieve your fitness goals. The Training Effect feature tells you whether you are training within your zones for optimal fitness. It displays how intense your workout is based on your profile.

You can track your data on your PC. The monitor comes with a USB cable and Suunto Training Manager software. The program automatically monitors your progress.

The monitor is best suited for runners, mountain bikers and anyone getting into shape. It maximizes your fitness routine by providing accurate information on your workouts.

The T3 monitor costs about $135-170. It uses data from your profile to analyze your progress. The watch includes a memory for 15 workouts and calorie burning data. It is recommended for advanced training.

The Sunnto Quest monitors your heart rate and training. It provides your heart and heart rate zones. It shows real time speed and distance. You can download your training data to for analysis. Price is about $250-300.

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